Hi there! I’m Alessandra

My life’s journey has always been linked to storytelling.

I’m originally from Brazil, and before I met my husband and moved to the USA, I had ten years of experience working as an actress, comedian, writer, and producer. In 2013 I decided to pause and focus on growing and building a family. Two adorable kids, a handful of pets, and almost ten years went by. I became a professional self-taught photographer specializing in portraits and pets during this time. But since comedy is my biggest passion, in 2022, I decided to go back to my career, and I’m writing material for my following two projects: a YouTube channel and a Stand-Up comedy show.

When I’m not cuddling my kids and pets, stepping on toys, cooking, thinking about jokes, or enjoying Sarasota sunsets, I entertain my  husband with my Brazilian accent.


* Youtube is my only social media. 

Welcome to my website, and stay tuned for my future projects:)

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