Hi there! I’m Alessandra

I’m a Stand Up Comedian, Actress and Writer based in Sarasota, Florida.

I was born and raised in Brazil by a very dysfunctional Italian family. I have ten years of experience working as an actress, comedian, writer, and producer. In 2004, I was given an award by the Brazilian non-profit organization X Brazil for this first play I wrote, called “Papo Calcinha”. The award included publication in a book titled “AIDS and Theatre – 15 Dramaturgies of Prevention.” 

The book was distributed to schools, theatre groups, and impoverished communities. They also distributed the book in Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa. Since then, this play has been performed as part of a sex education program for adolescents in various schools across Brazil. Due to the play’s success in Brazil, I decided to translate, update and publish it in English, with the name “Between Us Girls”. 

From 2006 to 2012, I had my own sketch comedy show where I played seven different characters, and I performed at Sescs theaters in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, at the Crowne Plaza. In 2011, I was a guest at TV Globo Passione Soap Opera playing the Italian realtor named Sophia. In 2012 I had my last show at Frei Caneca Theater where I bombed in front of 600 people and decided I would never go back to stage again. Ten days after, I met my husband online and I decided to pause my career, escape from Brazil and focus on growing and building a family – I was getting older after all. Lots of therapy, one round of IVF, two adorable kids, a handful of pets, lots of drinking to forget I was living in Ohio and almost ten years went by. I know, it’s been a very long maternity leave – that’s why I married an investment manager. In 2022 I realized it’s best for my husband and kids if I go back to my comedy career. 

When I’m not stepping on toys, swearing in Portuguese or pretending I’m a good mom, I’m always counting alligators, confusing my husband with my Brazilian accent and thinking about jokes. 


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