My life’s journey has always been linked to storytelling.

Hi there! I’m Alessandra.

Born in Brazil, I’m an actress, humor writer & photographer.

By the moment I became a mom, I realized that life not only goes very fast but also makes us forget important things – including the most beautiful details.

My kids were born 18 months apart and since then, the days seemed to be disappearing in front of my eyes, and my anxiety took another level: my kids were growing so fast. Enter photography.

These images are love notes to my children. It’s a celebration of the love I have for my family story and for the bonding we are creating over the years.

When I’m not cuddling my kids and pets, stepping on toys, chasing the best light, cooking ,writing or enjoying Sarasota sunsets, I entertain my husband with my Brazilian accent.

Welcome to my website:)


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