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Dear Nolan,

My most memorable Christmas was when I was 4 years old and Santa came to my grandma’s house. I even have a photograph with Santa I can show you one day.

In the middle of the excitement of being able to hug Santa and even being able to take a photo with him, I noticed he was wearing my dad’s brown boots. And I told him, “Hey, you are wearing my dad’s boots.” Santa became shy and suddenly decided it was time to go away. I got my gifts, but for some reason I started to have doubts about Santa. Did my dad know Santa? Do they shop for boots at the same store? Maybe they were friends. I tried to convince myself.

Ok, so I want you to know that it’s wrong to lie. Unless it is to bring magic to the world.

I know, I know, one day you will figure out that Santa does not exist as a person. You will know also that Christmas is important to celebrate the birth of a beautiful soul called Jesus.

But until you are ready for that, I will keep trying to bring magic into your childhood as much as I can. Fantasy is a normal and healthy part of child development and everyone, including adults, need a little magic in our lives.

Let’s say that the Santa lie is not a lie. It’s a magical lie.

And this lie, you are allowed to tell your kids (and my grandkids), one day.

And when your own kids realize that Santa does not exist, maybe you can show these photos of you and tell them that Santa does exist, and he was a beautiful baby one day.




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